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Young Adult Friends at Quakercamp

YAFs_lunch_07_W.jpgYoung Adult Friends played a central role in the first Quakercamp held in Barnesville in June 2007.  Since the World Gathering of Young Friends held in Lancaster, England, in 2005, YAFs from many different yearly meetings in North America have been exploring ways to create new shared opportunities for experiencing God's work among them and to connect with YAFs from other branches of Friends. 

Remembering and learning from YFNA.  A YAF movement that originally included Friends from all branches of North American Quakerism existed during the 1950's into the 1980's.  This was called Young Friends of North America.  Large gatherings took place with up to 250 YAFs in attendance.  These gatherings had a powerful impact on those who took part, in many case deeply impacting their journey with God through out their lives. 

Pam_lookingat_ruth.jpgYAFs today were interested in learning from the successes and mistakes of YFNA earlier.  When these YAFs learned that a YFNA reunion would be part of the first Quakercamp last summer, they expressed interest in making 2007 gathering both a remembering of YFNA and an opportunity for envisioning a new Young Adult Friends movement.

Andrew Esser-Haines, Emily Stewart and Rebecca Haines Rosenberg were active members of the 2007 Quakercamp planning committee.  YAFs attending the gathering were housed on 2 floors of the boy's dorm at Olney. 

YAF_on_lawn_w.JPGYAF activities during Quakercamp.  YAFs gathered many times during the week to continue their own process of prayerfully envisioning and planning for building a new YAF movement in North America. The results of these deliberations can be read in the YAF Epistle written at Quakercamp.  This included carrying forward plans for a cross-branch gathering of YAFs being held in Richmond IN in May 2008 and steps towards creating a cross-branch planning for a larger national Quaker gathering later on, perhaps in summer 2009.

betsy_andrew_gazebo.jpgFuture YAF activities.  For more information the Memorial Day weekend gathering, go to YAF Richmond Gathering.  The planning group for this gathering includes YAFs from all 4 major branches of Friends.  A pdf file of the flyer for this gathering is also available from this link: printable Richmond flyer.  Please consider posting this at your meeting!

Micah Bales, a member of Great Plains YM (FUM) and a student at Earlham School of Religion is contact person for YAFs interested in Quakercamp 2008.  You can email Micah Bales if you have questions about this summer's gathering.


Fri, April 25 - Putney VT.  7:30pm Singalong Concert at Next Stage at 15 Kimball Hill Rd, celebrating the life & work of Pete Seeger.  Sponsored by Putney Friends Meeting. For more information contact: Susan Slowinski.

Sun, April 27 - New York NY.
  Abraham Lincoln Brigade 78th Annual Celebration. New School Auditorium, 66 W. 12th Street, 2:30-4:30pm.  This year's event will be celebrating Pete Seeger who was a strong supporter of the ALB. Matt Emmer & David Bernz (of "Work o' the Weavers) will join us in leading Spanish Civil War songs. For more info go to ALBA website.

Sun, May 11 - Amherst MA.  Showing of "Pete Seeger: The Power of Song" at Amherst Cinema, 7pm. We will introduce the showing with several favorite Seeger songs.  

See also website for 2 swing bands Annie sings with: 


Shared Song Communal Memory NY Times article that talks about Annie & Peter, the origins of Rise Up Singing & ways it's being used in singalong around the country.

WFCR interview with Peter and Annie. Hear us talk about sing-alongs and the origins of Rise Up Singing with live performances of several favorite songs

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